Officials and Committee


Back row. Captain. John Banks, Norman Brass. Colin Mowat. Fred Breck, David Bowdler, Michael Flett. Captain. Willie Tulloch

Middle row: Stewart Taylor, Captain. George Walker

Front row: Bella Wishart, Mai Banks

Missing: Captain. Fred Johnston. W.Sinclair. J.Stockan, Tim Barthorpe plus a police representative.


Lifeboat Operations Manager (L.O.M.): Stewart Taylor

1st Deputy Launching Authority (D.L.A.): Captain John Banks

2nd Deputy Launching Authority (D.L.A.): James Burgon



Captain William Tulloch

Lifeboat Operations Manager:

Stewart Taylor

Hon Treasurer:

Captain George Walker

Hon M.A:

Dr. Andrew Trevett and Dr Caroline Sheehan

Other Committee Members:

Mai Banks

Tim Barthorpe

Fred Breck

Alistair Buchan

Michael Flett

William Sinclair

James Stockan

Bella Wishart

Senior Local Police Officer

Crew Representatives:

Colin Mowat and Norman Brass

Local Press Officer:

David Bowdler

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